The future of Hitoe

Clothing utilizing Hitoe is comfortable and capable of continuing to measure bioinformation for a long period, even during exercise. Its use is anticipated in various fields, taking advantage of these properties.

Also, by accumulating the measured bioinformation, understanding/analyzing bioinformation over the long term and detecting unusual states of the body, it is anticipated to prevent accidents and diseases in the future.

When normal polyester fiber is impregnated with conductive polymers, there is a wide gap between fibers and the conductive polymers easily peel off as a result of wear and laundering.

In Hitoe, however, the conductive polymers are firmly anchored in the minute spaces between nanofibers, so they are able to withstand long wear and repeated laundering.

Also, in the case of fabrics made of ordinary polyester fiber, the gap between the fabric and the skin is wide, making the measurement less precise. With Hitoe, however, the gap between the fabric and the skin is minimal, vastly improving contact with the skin, so bioinformation can be measured more accurately than with conventional measuring devices for sports.


Hitoe is used for efficient training using pulse data, and to prevent health hazards such as heat stroke during exercise.
The athletic wear in the photograph is C3fit IN-pulse made by Goldwin.
The transmitter is hitoe transmitter 01 made by DOCOMO.

Health promotion and healthcare

Hitoe is used to promote health through long-term collection of health data in daily life, to prevent disease and accidents by monitoring the health status of workers in construction sites and to prevent accidents by managing the health of long-distance drivers.

Medical support

  • Hitoe is used for in-home physical examinations.
  • Hitoe is used for postoperative observation.